JSON Web Key Sets (JWKS)

Detailed information on the JWKS cryptography component

Component format

The purpose of this component is to load keys from a JSON Web Key Set (RFC 7517). These are JSON documents that contain 1 or more keys as JWK (JSON Web Key); they can be public, private, or shared keys.

This component supports loading a JWKS:

  • From a local file; in this case, Dapr watches for changes to the file on disk and reloads it automatically.
  • From a HTTP(S) URL, which is periodically refreshed.
  • By passing the actual JWKS in the jwks metadata property, as a string (optionally, base64-encoded).

A Dapr crypto.yaml component file has the following structure:

apiVersion: dapr.io/v1alpha1
kind: Component
  name: jwks
  type: crypto.dapr.jwks
  version: v1
    # Example 1: load JWKS from file
    - name: "jwks"
      value: "fixtures/crypto/jwks/jwks.json"
    # Example 2: load JWKS from a HTTP(S) URL
    # Only "jwks" is required
    - name: "jwks"
      value: "https://example.com/.well-known/jwks.json"
    - name: "requestTimeout"
      value: "30s"
    - name: "minRefreshInterval"
      value: "10m"
    # Option 3: include the actual JWKS
    - name: "jwks"
      value: |
          "keys": [
              "kty": "RSA",
              "use": "sig",
              "kid": "…",
              "n": "…",
              "e": "…",
              "issuer": "https://example.com"
    # Option 3b: include the JWKS base64-encoded
    - name: "jwks"
      value: |

Spec metadata fields

Field Required Details Example
jwks Y Path to the JWKS document Local file: "fixtures/crypto/jwks/jwks.json"
HTTP(S) URL: "https://example.com/.well-known/jwks.json"
Embedded JWKS: {"keys": […]} (can be base64-encoded)
requestTimeout N Timeout for network requests when fetching the JWKS document from a HTTP(S) URL, as a Go duration. Default: “30s” "5s"
minRefreshInterval N Minimum interval to wait before subsequent refreshes of the JWKS document from a HTTP(S) source, as a Go duration. Default: “10m” "1h"

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