Dapr command line interface (CLI) reference

Detailed information on the Dapr CLI

The Dapr CLI allows you to setup Dapr on your local dev machine or on a Kubernetes cluster, provides debugging support, and launches and manages Dapr instances.

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Distributed Application Runtime

  dapr [command]

Available Commands:
  annotate       Add dapr annotations to a Kubernetes configuration. Supported platforms: Kubernetes
  build-info     Print build info of Dapr CLI and runtime
  completion     Generates shell completion scripts
  components     List all Dapr components. Supported platforms: Kubernetes
  configurations List all Dapr configurations. Supported platforms: Kubernetes
  dashboard      Start Dapr dashboard. Supported platforms: Kubernetes and self-hosted
  help           Help about any command
  init           Install Dapr on supported hosting platforms. Supported platforms: Kubernetes and self-hosted
  invoke         Invoke a method on a given Dapr application. Supported platforms: Self-hosted
  list           List all Dapr instances. Supported platforms: Kubernetes and self-hosted
  logs           Get Dapr sidecar logs for an application. Supported platforms: Kubernetes
  mtls           Check if mTLS is enabled. Supported platforms: Kubernetes
  publish        Publish a pub-sub event. Supported platforms: Self-hosted
  run            Run Dapr and (optionally) your application side by side. Supported platforms: Self-hosted
  status         Show the health status of Dapr services. Supported platforms: Kubernetes
  stop           Stop Dapr instances and their associated apps. Supported platforms: Self-hosted
  uninstall      Uninstall Dapr runtime. Supported platforms: Kubernetes and self-hosted
  upgrade        Upgrades a Dapr control plane installation in a cluster. Supported platforms: Kubernetes
  version        Print the Dapr runtime and CLI version

  -h, --help          help for dapr
      --log-as-json   Log output in JSON format
  -v, --version       version for dapr

Use "dapr [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Command Reference

You can learn more about each Dapr command from the links below.

Environment Variables

Some Dapr flags can be set via environment variables (e.g. DAPR_NETWORK for the --network flag of the dapr init command). Note that specifying the flag on the command line overrides any set environment variable.