Conductor: Enterprise Dapr for Kubernetes

Automate operations, enforce security best practices, improve uptime, and elevate insights across your Dapr clusters

Diagrid Conductor diagram

Diagrid Conductor quickly and securely connects to all your Kubernetes clusters running Dapr and Daprized applications, delivering operational excellence, security & reliability and insights & collaboration.

Automated Dapr management

One-click installation, upgrade and patching of Dapr with selective application update and automated rollback means you’re always up to date.

Advisor: Discover and automate best practices

Be informed and apply production best practices, with continuous checking to prevent misconfigurations, increasing security, reliability and performance.

Resource usage reporting and tracking

By studying past resource behavior, recommend application resource optimization usage leading to significant cost savings on CPU and memory.

Application visualizer

The application graph facilitates collaboration between dev and ops by providing a dynamic overview of your services and infrastructure components.

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