AWS SNS binding spec

Detailed documentation on the AWS SNS binding component

Component format

To setup AWS SNS binding create a component of type See this guide on how to create and apply a binding configuration.

See Authenticating to AWS for information about authentication-related attributes

kind: Component
  name: <NAME>
  version: v1
  - name: topicArn
    value: "mytopic"
  - name: region
    value: "us-west-2"
  - name: accessKey
    value: "*****************"
  - name: secretKey
    value: "*****************"
  - name: sessionToken
    value: "*****************"

Spec metadata fields

Field Required Binding support Details Example
topicArn Y Output The SNS topic name "arn:::topicarn"
region Y Output The specific AWS region "us-east-1"
accessKey Y Output The AWS Access Key to access this resource "key"
secretKey Y Output The AWS Secret Access Key to access this resource "secretAccessKey"
sessionToken N Output The AWS session token to use "sessionToken"

Binding support

This component supports output binding with the following operations:

  • create